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Trangia Camping Equipment

1.4 litre Aluminium Trangia Kettle
SAVE €7.00
Trangia Gas Burner Unit
SAVE €10.00
Trangia Spirit Burner
SAVE €7.00
Trangia Simmer Ring
SAVE €2.00
Trangia Gel Burner
SAVE €3.00
Trangia Pan Handle
SAVE €4.00
Trangia 500ML Trangia Fuel Bottle
SAVE €5.00
Trangia 25-1 Ultralight Stove
SAVE €20.05
Trangia 25-2 Ultralight Stove
SAVE €30.00
Trangia 27-1 Ultralight Stove
SAVE €20.05
Trangia 27-2 Ultralight Stove
SAVE €30.00
Trangia Mini Trangia 28-T
SAVE €20.00
SAVE €30.00
SAVE €20.00
SAVE €10.00

Trangia Camping Equipment | Outdoor Adventure Store

The complete cooking system. Made in Sweden since 1925

The heart of the storm-proof stove system is the two-part windshield. The ventilation holes in the lower windshield are turned to face the wind to increase the oxygen supply to the burner. If the wind becomes too strong, the stove is turned to maintain the required flame. The Trangia spirit burner runs on Tenol or methylated spirits which are low cost, safe and readily available. The combined frypan/lid can be put on top of the pan to speed up heating and save fuel. The stove stands stable, with the pan on the supports recessed into the upper windshield. The supports are turned upwards when the frypan is used. The Trangia stove can also be used with a gas, multifuel or gel burner, which all can be found in The Trangia range of ­accessories.