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Trail Running Gear

      Whether it’s an uphill hike, daily dog walks, a run in the park, or a commute to the office we here at the Outdoor Adventure Store know the value of good running footwear and how important it is to get the right running gear for any terrain.

       Merrell is a brand that is trusted by over 50 million feet and provides various trial running gear such as runners and boots which are all designed to give you underfoot confidence in any trial condition. The Outdoor Adventure Store appreciate their provision of lightweight tear-resistant footwear which allows you to cover more distance while still providing that protective and cushioned layer that delivers everything a trial athlete needs.

         To take comfort to the next level the 1000-mile brand offers a ray of breathable and ventilated socks. These socks provide the exact fit with arch bracing to help keep the sock in place all day while also helping reduce friction and irritation on toes and feet.