Event Lounge L Side Wall, 2 PCS

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Be aware that (UV) ultraviolet rays will damage your tent if you expose it to direct sunlight for longer periods of time. Outtex® fabric used on Outwell® tents increases the lifetime of the tent. Outwell Product are made for camping use which is normally 2-5 weeks usage a year. They are not designed for permanent usage and should only be used as camping products. Camping near the sea or lake can further enhance the effect of UV radiation. The same applies to poles and metal parts

Type of tent: Shelter
Flysheet: Outtex® 1500 Select Silver, 100% polyester
Colour: Black & Grey
Pack size: 26 x 23 x 9 cm
Weight: 1.0 kg
Content: 2

Outtex® 1500 Select Silver
Outtex® 1500 Select Silveri

Outtex® 1500 Select Silver is a tough, durable and fire-retardant PU-coated 100 per cent polyester fabric created to balance weight and strength with the ability to resist the demands of regular caravan life. It provides a 1,500mm hydrostatic head water

Fire Retardant
Fire Retardanti

Material meets all the latest regulations for tent materials


Bag with straps for carrying the packed tent short distances

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