Dutch Oven 8.5L

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These ovens come with 3 legs and a lip on the outer rim, placed in such a manner that it allows you to tip the oven to easily pour the contents out. The lid also has a rim that allows you to pile hot coals from your fire straight on the top to make the perfect camp oven. You can even turn the lid upside down in hot ash and use it as a frying pan!


Use it for stews, casseroles, roasting and baking over your campfire or even at home in the oven! These are the most versatile cast iron pots you may ever use and probably the only pots you will ever need. They can be used on any heat source including gas ring, altar fire and pit burning.

Campfire Cooking

Use them for boiling, broiling, roasting, baking, stewing, frying and anything else you can think of!! By far the best piece of camp cooking equipment available.

  • Weight : 10.92kg
  • Width : 33cm
  • Height : 24cm
  • Capacity : 8.5L
  • Colour : Black

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