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Family Camping

There's nothing worse than a bad's night sleep after a great day in the outdoors. Choose from our selection of high quality Sleeping Bags that'll keep you warm and comfortable no matter the expedition.

Atlas 250 Sleeping Bag - black
SAVE €15.00
Ember Single Sleeping Bag - black
SAVE €7.00
SAVE €10.00
SAVE €10.00
Ember Sleeping Bag Double - Open
SAVE €10.00
Kanto 350 Sleeping Bag - Open
SAVE €10.00
Speedy Bed Single - hero
SAVE €21.00
Atlas Junior Sleeping Bag - Hero
SAVE €10.00
Kanto Double Quad - Hero
SAVE €10.00
Squeezebox Water Carrier 6L
SAVE €3.00
Camper Left Hand Zip Sleeping Bag - blue
SAVE €20.00
Moon Double Sleeping Bag - hero
SAVE €10.00
Campion Lux Double Sleeping Bag - Black
SAVE €10.00
Speedy Bed Twin - hero
SAVE €40.00
Bomberlite Double Sleeping Mat
SAVE €10.00
Campion Lux Sleeping Bag - blue
SAVE €10.00
Contour Lux Sleeping Bag - red
SAVE €10.00

Mummy Sleeping Bags - These sleeping bags narrow toward the feet to reduce the amount of air circulation, helping to keep you warmer at night.

Square Sleeping Bags - Traditional rectangular shape, gives you more space but can be a little colder.

Down Sleeping Bags - Designed for colder nights, these insulated sleeping bags will keep you nice & warm.

Double Sleeping Bags - Want to cosy up with your other half or do you have little ones who love to jump into your sleeping bag? This is the bag for you.

Kids Sleeping Bags - The shorter length is perfect for kids. The shorter length reduces the airflow keeping your little campers toasty all night.

Sleeping Bag Liners - Add a sleeping bag liner to help keep your bag clean and fresher for longer.